Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Something new....well, old

So, I've been debating on whether or not to stick with just jewelry in my Etsy store.   Meaning, should I try clothing and/or knickknacks and such.  Well, today I went to my usual thrifts in search of my jewelry (which by the way, was a big disappointment).  I decided to take a look in the clothing and housewares stuff.  At one store, I was able to find the CUTEST vintage dress. Mind you, it does need a little bit of repair work, but nothing I can't handle. It will just put my sewing skills to the test :)  I also found a BEAUTIFUL vintage leather coat. OMG, if it were my size, I would have kept it, I tell ya! It's actually in pretty good condition. I just need to secure the buttons a little more. The last clothing item I found was this FANTASTIC green overcoat. Once again, if it were my size, I would probably keep it :)

On to the next clothing on this trip. I figured I would try a little at a time to test the waters out there in Etsy land.  At this store is where I perused the home section making sure not to overlook anything. Since this was my first attempt at this, I wanted to make sure I took my time to make sure I was actually picking vintage items. To my liking, I was able to find the cutest 70's ceramic salt and pepper shakers decorated with mushrooms. Just the mere image of the mushroom, brought that era to mind. I remember my mom had lots of stuff with mushrooms and frogs on them.  I also found a owl (very prominent in the 70's) figurine that was just too adorable to pass up. The last thing I found, which I thought was very unique was an clear ashtray that had 70's stamps glued to the bottom of it so it would show through the ashtray when placed upright. It has green felt to cover up the stamps, which gave it a nice backdrop.

I have to say I'm pleased with my purchases and am very excited to start photographing and listing them on Etsy. I hope I have luck with selling them. I had such a great time searching for these items, that I totally wouldn't mind doing this on a regular basis.

I'll be listing them tomorrow, so keep your eye out. I'm crossing my fingers and toes! Wish me luck!



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