Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vintage Bridal Gowns

The bridal gown is a crucial element of the wedding planning process because the dress represents the essence of the bride.  Everyone knows that wedding gowns are outrageously expensive and with the economic times we are faced with as a nation, budget weddings are becoming more popular !  The wedding planning process is overwhelming enough as it is, so Lovelies consider purchasing a vintage bridal gown.  Vintage gowns are classic and affordable. 

The bridal gown shown below is antique laced and slightly beaded.  It is a classic because it reveals romance and true femininity and most importantly it represents something that has been lost in time and that my Lovelies, is tradition.

Victorian Style Wedding Gown

The gown below is sheer elegance with a hint of tradition. 
Vintage Wedding Dress
For the winter bride, this elegant, metallic, swirled patterned, floor length, brocade coat is gorgeous ! 

Envision a winter wonderland wedding theme with sparkling white lights all around, the groom waiting for his bride as she arrives in a carriage of white horses laced with red roses and the bride as beautiful as the winter snow arriving in her beautiful gown with this almost white, very detailed coat, everyone would think this was custom made for the bride!  No one would have to know our little secret!  If not for the bride then it would be a great fit for anyone in the bridal party.  No need to fear this coat is not confined to a wedding it can also be worn to dinner parties, theatre, opera, ballet, anywhere during those cold winter days.  Lovelies I highly recommend this coat………I assure you it is a beauty!
Vintage Brocade Coat

If I haven't sold you on the vintage idea then consider this..... the wedding trends for 2011 are going vintage, according to, "the past is back..........wearing your mother or grandmother's wedding trendy these days."

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Ahhhh! It’s finally starting to feel like winter here in Texas which means it’s time to pull out the coats! I’m sure those of you in the Northern states and Northern globe have already been feeling the cold temperatures but just because the weather is cold and the skies are gray does not mean that our wardrobe has to be compromised. You can still cover up with a warm coat in style…….

When I think vintage......the trench coat comes to mind. The trench style coat has been a popular fashion since the 1800's and continues to be recreated in every era of the fashion industry. The three coats featured today are my personal favorites, cashmere, wool, and leather.  These fabrics are classics in the fashion industry because they too have been in use since the 1800’s, the fabric is exceptionally warm and modish.
The featured cashmere coat is a classic and a "must have fashion", according to Glamour magazine and top designers.  The camel shade is the new black in the fashion world so if you ladies are all about vogue and vintage, this coat delivers the best of both worlds!

For the fierce Lovelies, this posh, darker leather, camel shaded coat is for you… this HOT tube dress along with these awesome boots and accessories……Oooolala ! Who said you had to look dreary in this wintry climate???
Fedora via Lady Lux Vintage
Sweater Tube Dress via Lady Lux Vintage
Boots via Lady Lux Vintage

If you are anything like me, black is an imperative part of my wardrobe and this black, wool, embroidered coat is perfect for those cold winter days upon us. Black is always classy and goes well with any attire and it can be worn casually or extravagantly. Whatever the fad is or your color preference check out online sellers before going to your local retail stores ! Chances are you will find a much better buy with vintage sellers, after all "the novelties of one generation are only the resuscitated fashions of the generation before last!"

40s Wool Coat via Lady Lux Vintage

Stay Warm My Lovelies !

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Reinventing Yourself Vintage Style

A New Year is upon us and with that comes the oh so famous New Year Resolutions!

It seems that the most popular resolution is almost always weight loss. This year I propose that those of us who desire a change start out by simply reinventing ourselves. Are you asking how??? Vintage style is a great way to start! Here’s why, dressing in vintage clothing is a form of expression…………

better yet, think of it as a way of making yourself a mood chameleon!

One day you might be feeling a little funky or hippie, a velvet fringed vest worn with a stylish skirt or dress is groovy or for a more relaxed feel throw on some jeans a belt and you will be the happening hip chic! The next day perhaps you might want to reveal a haute punk 80’s attitude! This black gold studded jacket is great and offers a versatile look. This jacket over a plain black tee with leggings and stylish boots screams confidence, style, and attitude……..

Black Corduroy Studded Jacket
Not you?? You can dress this same outfit down for a simpler sophisticated look by wearing a nice pair of black flats or dare to be different with these black striped pumps..........

Black Patent Leather Striped Pumps
Heading out for a night on the town???? A sophisticated yet stylish gold leaf jacket is the way to go along with a pair of stilettos or boots and the perfect accessories………….

Metallic Leaf Bolero
Yep you definitely will be turning heads !!!

For those attending dinner parties and galas, you too can be the envy and talk of the evening when you walk in flaunting a Hollywood Old Style elegant faux diamond lined black gown

Old Hollywood Evening Gown
or this graceful accentuating ruffled gown...

Ruffled Knit Dress
Whatever the occasion, there is an era to fit your mood and style.

What are you waiting for!!???!!!!


Here are a few of my fav vintage sellers to begin your journey towards a new and exciting YOU!

I will close this entry with a quote from a classic designer, CoCo Chanel,

“Fashion Fades….Only Style Remains The Same”