Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vintage Bridal Gowns

The bridal gown is a crucial element of the wedding planning process because the dress represents the essence of the bride.  Everyone knows that wedding gowns are outrageously expensive and with the economic times we are faced with as a nation, budget weddings are becoming more popular !  The wedding planning process is overwhelming enough as it is, so Lovelies consider purchasing a vintage bridal gown.  Vintage gowns are classic and affordable. 

The bridal gown shown below is antique laced and slightly beaded.  It is a classic because it reveals romance and true femininity and most importantly it represents something that has been lost in time and that my Lovelies, is tradition.

Victorian Style Wedding Gown

The gown below is sheer elegance with a hint of tradition. 
Vintage Wedding Dress
For the winter bride, this elegant, metallic, swirled patterned, floor length, brocade coat is gorgeous ! 

Envision a winter wonderland wedding theme with sparkling white lights all around, the groom waiting for his bride as she arrives in a carriage of white horses laced with red roses and the bride as beautiful as the winter snow arriving in her beautiful gown with this almost white, very detailed coat, everyone would think this was custom made for the bride!  No one would have to know our little secret!  If not for the bride then it would be a great fit for anyone in the bridal party.  No need to fear this coat is not confined to a wedding it can also be worn to dinner parties, theatre, opera, ballet, anywhere during those cold winter days.  Lovelies I highly recommend this coat………I assure you it is a beauty!
Vintage Brocade Coat

If I haven't sold you on the vintage idea then consider this..... the wedding trends for 2011 are going vintage, according to, "the past is back..........wearing your mother or grandmother's wedding trendy these days."

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies!



  1. I love vintage wedding dresses!

    I just saw your comment from my old post. :) I'll meet you at the tea house on Bellaire. I know exactly where it is!


  2. Love the idea of "vintage wedding style" The cuts and details of vintage wedding dresses are and were amazing! Winter bride elegance is a great focus! Very good post and great pics!