Wednesday, September 7, 2011

URGENT: Texas Wildfire Relief

Friends, family and fellow vintage lovers. Texas is in a state of emergency with all these fires spreading around the entire state. Please take some time out to share links to my Etsy shop/FB page and blog. We are donating 50% of all our sales through the end of September to

They are in desperate need of donations! Go to our FB event page: and it has all the details.

PLEASE spread the word! Even non vintage lovers will appreciate the state we're in and might be willing just contribute to They are taking monetary donations via Paypal and credit cards too.

Also, we'd like to share the link to our fellow Texan and vintage seller Maefair Vintage. Vanessa has been hard at work making these kick butt Texas necklaces and is donating $25 from each sale as well! Go to her store and buy one! Thanks Vanessa! We ♥ you!

Thank you to all the brave firefighters, police, service people and volunteers for their tireless efforts in trying to contain these fires and for helping these poor people, their pets and livestock evacuate safely.  Also, thanks to all the people helping with livestock boarding while this is all going on. You all have hearts of gold. I am SO proud to be a Texan!!!!