Thursday, July 26, 2012

Canned Ham Quest

For about 6 months now, I’ve been on a quest for a canned ham trailer, to begin my LLV mobile shop.  How awesome would it be for people to be able to find me at various locations throughout the month, to check out all the lovely vintage items I have to offer?
My idea came from all the street side taco trucks you see all around town. I figured, if they can sell tacos out of a bus/truck, why can’t I sell vintage out of a trailer…a vintage one, at that!
Thus, my quest started. Many months of searching and because of limited resources and inventory out there, I put my idea on hold. Unfortunately, while I thought I was the first one in the world to think about this idea (HA!), I realized that there are quite a few others out there.
Houston has a few fashion trucks popping up and the first vintage one will be unveiled next weekend. I can’t be jealous or mad because it belongs to my vintage selling partner in crime, Vanessa, from Height of Vintage.  She has put blood, sweat and tears into remodeling her trailer and I admire her for it. I am trying to take the easy way out and buy it already complete. Well, with the exception of installing the clothing racks and painting the interior.  I know her unveiling will be a huge success! I’ll keep you posted on it.
Many of you are probably asking yourself, what the hell is a canned ham trailer? Here are some pics of some really cute ones that I’ve found on the interwebs. People actually use these for camping! I am so jealous at the cuteness of their trailers!

I plan on using mine for both, leisurely travel and slinging vintage! It’s the best of both worlds.
So, in a nutshell, that’s the story on my canned ham trailer quest. I have my eye on one that might pan out. Keep your fingers crossed, send positive energy, pray, or whatever else you do, so that it will become mine….soon!  You lovelies will be the first to know what happens.

Ciao bellas!