Monday, February 27, 2012

And the Winner Is......

We just picked the winner for the Delmonicole Spring skirt giveaway! Was it you?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pretty Things I Found

These are the reasons I love my job! I found some real beauties yesterday.

Some of these have already been added to the shop. The rest will be listed by the end of the week. The black with sea foam green was sold in record time!

This is my fav! 40's Peignoir set from Juliana

I have a ton of men's ties that are also coming to the shop. There are just way too many to put on here.

I hope you enjoyed the sneak peeks :)


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I Wore - Valentine's Day Edition

Hello chickadees! I hope your Valentine's Day was magical. We actually celebrated our Vday the past 2 weekends. The weekend before last we went and had massages, then dinner and drinks. This past weekend, we went over to Louisiana to Delta Downs for a little gambling. We had a lot of fun even though we didn't hit any big jack pots :(

Anyhoo, this is the outfit I would have worn, had we gone out. I was supposed to wear it for my Galentine's Day date with my girl friends, but that got canceled. So, I decided to dress up and show you guys anyway.

80's dress from Ruby in the Dust Vintage

Belt is from Ross

40's Feather Hair Comb from Yesterday's Silhouette

Pirate Slouch Boots from JC Penney, Pattern hose from Target

I hope you liked it! As you can see, the 80's still hold a special place in my heart ♥


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

A quick post to share some of my favorite vintage Valentine's Day cards. Some cute and one that is hilarious!

I hope you have a great Valentine's day whether it be with your loved one, with your family or  with friends! I for one, will be at home avoiding the crowds 


Friday, February 10, 2012

Delmonicole Clothing Giveaway

Hi everyone!

Who's ready for a giveaway?

I am pleased to announce that my very good friend (and blog sponsor),  LaTarsha Williams from Delmonicole Clothing is hosting this FABULOUS giveaway!

LaTarsha Delmonicole Williams is the owner,  designer and creative director behind Delmonicole Clothing,  an up and coming Houston based designer.

Delmonicole Clothing. Delmonicole pronounced (Del-monee-cole) was established in 2007.  In the beginning, Delmonicole primarily consisted of reconstructed tops and tees for women. After growing more esteem and popularity Delmonicole focused on more complex silhouettes.  To read even more fascinating tidbits about Ms. Williams, click here.

Now for the unveiling of the prize!

Sunny Striped Textured Skirt

The winner of the Delmonicole giveaway will receive this absolutely darling skirt. What a way to start of Spring!

Terms of giveaway:  Only the skirt pictured will be given away. The skirt is available in Small, Medium and Large and will be custom made once the winner is announced and the size has been determined. The skirt will be mailed out to the winner approximately 2 weeks after the giveaway ends. Winner will be notified by email when it is shipped. Giveaway is open to contestants world wide.

Good luck everyone!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Smeg Retro Line

Hello chickadees!

Tonight's post is actually my entry for Vixen Vintage's Blog giveaway.  So this will be short and sweet.  You might want to head over there yourself and try to win!

My Smeg Retro Icon is...Rita Moreno, for maintaining such a thriving career from such an early age (around 14) and over the majority of her life.   I admire her for all her work (and all the awards) and of course, her beauty!  Absolutely stunning!


Monday, February 6, 2012

Football Fashion

I know not everyone is a football fan.  Heck, it wasn't until we got our very own Houston Texans, that I became a fan myself.  Oh, I remember watching the Houston Oilers with my daddy, but when the teen years hit, I lost interest.  Friends and fashion came into my life and I pretty much never looked back.  Until now.....

I realize you can mix the 2 together! Not only that, but handmade and vintage fashion at that. Check it out:

My besties sans Bri who wasn't there when we took this.
From left to right: Monica, Sarah, Me and Arnold lurking in the back.

My other bestie, Bri in all her Giants attire.

Myself and my cousin, Dee
I crocheted my beanie and attached a red, white and blue vintage star brooch to it. My ring and red wood bead necklace are also vintage. The gray Wilson's leather jacket I'm wearing is from my good friend Qiana from Eklectic Xplosion Vintage

I wore a plain white T that I decorated with the Patriots logo. I just looked up their logo on the internet, traced it with a pen, pinned it under my shirt and used fabric markers to do the rest. I layered it with a dark blue long sleeve T underneath.

Overall, we had a great time. I won almost all the end of the quarter pots...yay me!

The half time show was awesome. Madonna killed it. I heard she had even pulled a hamstring earlier in the week and STILL performed! I tell ya, I want to be able to rock like her at 53! Between her performance and the David Beckham commercial, my eyes were glued to the television! 

How did you spend your Super Bowl Sunday?


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Looks

February 1st already???

Do you have your Valentine's day attire squared away? I was lucky enough to find my vintage dress from a fellow vintage seller right here in Houston (watch for the WIW post).

I'm sure not everyone has been lucky enough to find that perfect outfit though. Well, that's what I'm here for! I've been perusing the Etsy site to find some date worthy finds for you.  Beware though....I couldn't just pick a few items.

Here are my picks. They are sure to make heads turn!

                                                  50's Heart at Ease Dress by Stutterin Mama

                                         80's Red & Black Suede Boots by My Favorite Vintage

                                                       Mexican Bolero by Forager Shop

                                                1940's Red Satin Heels by Zwzzy - to DIE for!

                                                       Hot Pink Lingerie by Lady Monette

                                                         50's Party Dress by adVintagous

                                                 60's Enamel Brooch by Vintage Eclecticity

Remember, you can mix and match these items with modern pieces to make a look uniquely yours. I would love to see your Valentine's Day outfits. Want to share? Email them to ladyluxvintage at gmail dot com and you could be featured on the blog!

None of these your style? There are literally thousands of items on Etsy for you to choose from to suit your taste.

Happy hunting!