Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Looks

February 1st already???

Do you have your Valentine's day attire squared away? I was lucky enough to find my vintage dress from a fellow vintage seller right here in Houston (watch for the WIW post).

I'm sure not everyone has been lucky enough to find that perfect outfit though. Well, that's what I'm here for! I've been perusing the Etsy site to find some date worthy finds for you.  Beware though....I couldn't just pick a few items.

Here are my picks. They are sure to make heads turn!

                                                  50's Heart at Ease Dress by Stutterin Mama

                                         80's Red & Black Suede Boots by My Favorite Vintage

                                                       Mexican Bolero by Forager Shop

                                                1940's Red Satin Heels by Zwzzy - to DIE for!

                                                       Hot Pink Lingerie by Lady Monette

                                                         50's Party Dress by adVintagous

                                                 60's Enamel Brooch by Vintage Eclecticity

Remember, you can mix and match these items with modern pieces to make a look uniquely yours. I would love to see your Valentine's Day outfits. Want to share? Email them to ladyluxvintage at gmail dot com and you could be featured on the blog!

None of these your style? There are literally thousands of items on Etsy for you to choose from to suit your taste.

Happy hunting!




  1. Gorgeous picks and of course..because you have beyond AMAZING taste! ;-)

    1. Thanks Brande! I just wish I could afford my expensive taste! hahaha