Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Celebrate Love Vintage Style

The countdown has begun for the day of love…….
Saint Valentine’s Day!    Red is worn on Valentine’s Day as a representation of love, hence the giving of red roses which according to Greek mythology was the favorite flower of Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love.  In honor of Venus, Goddess of Love, I have chosen this beautiful bright red and white two piece ensemble as a top favorite must have!  This 80's Maggy London International original was designed by Jeannene Booher who is now retired.  This outfit is perfect for the sophisticated professional to wear to the office and out to dinner.
The Goddess of Love was not the only Royal icon who favored the color red....... the late Princess Diana also favored the color red.  Red is a very strong and noticeable color, mix red with white polka dots and you have a person with a zest for life.  Princess Diana impacted many lives and was a highly regarded fashion icon, as quoted by InStyle magazine, “it was not what she wore but the way she wore it…” I challenge you Lovelies to show off your vibrancy this Valentine's Day with this red and white polka dot dress……Princess Diana didn’t fear fashion and neither should you!

There will be more Valentine Fashions to come in the next blog!  Stay with us Lovelies !



  1. Pretty!!! I love red and white polka dots - I think Minnie Mouse :) cute blog!


  2. @Courtney - I also think of Minnie Mouse! how funny!
    @vintage eye - it certainly would have made a lovely valentine's outfit.