Monday, February 21, 2011

Chic Red White and Blue

Happy President’s Day to all you Lovelies!  In honor of this American holiday I am presenting vintage red, white, and blue.  This electrifying vintage ensemble is stylish and patriotic!  I would encourage anyone to show off their American spirit….dazzle those around you with the life this dress symbolizes!!!  Remember the Fourth of July is just a few months away Lovelies!!

60's Red White and Blue Dress

Polka dots are fun!  This red and white polka dot dress is eye-catching and the pearls are so First Lady like.  Reveal your exuberance in a sophisticated kind of way !
60s Red Polka Dot Dress
The two piece dress below is an 80’s style.  It reminds me of the 80’s soap opera, Dynasty actress Linda Evans because of its attached shoulder pads.  I was always an admirer of Linda Evans because of her ability to adorn her wardrobe in spite of her height and broad shoulders.  To all the tall broad shouldered Lovelies out there, you can also stride in style!
80s Red and White Skirt Set
Accessorize any of these outfits or one of your own with these fabulous jewels and handbags.
80s Nautical Necklace Set

80's 3 Strand Necklace
80s Nautical Necklace Set
Vintage 1980s Blue Beaded Designer Purse
80's Blue Bead Purse
Whatever vintage piece you opt for Lovelies just remember to own it as our model did in the photo below!  You can pull off anything with a little imagination!!! 
Happy President’s Day Lovelies!!!



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