Monday, May 10, 2010 of my favs

In addition to my many business ventures, I have what's known as Instant Diva. This is a partnership with a friend. Our goal? To give the consumer a quality product that is easy to put in and take out for a quick hair an instant!  It's simple, but effective.  We started out with our hand sewn clip in hair extensions (variety of colors).  The difference between ours and other retailers? Theirs are mass productions aimed at making a buck and our poor quality. Ours? Carefully hand sewn (2 layers) hair pieces to create a fuller and bolder look to your hair. 

In addition to our hair pieces, we discovered Lime Crime Make Up. This girl is awesome! The colors are bold and fierce and are a perfect compliment to our hair! In the beginning, I thought, I better buy some of these and test them out first. At first I was a little disappointed because they weren't as vibrant as advertised. Well, what I didn't know is you're supposed to wet the brush a little to get those effects! As soon as I did, I was blown away.

See some samples below. These are just a small sample of what she has. Aren't they gorgeous?




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