Monday, April 26, 2010

What a weekend!

Wow, never did I imagine going to San Antonio for Fiesta and coming home with a new addition to our family.

Our last day in SA and we went to visit my friends aunt. Her dog had puppies and they really didn't want to keep all of them. Of course, being the doggie lover I am, I fell head over heels for the runt of the litter. I asked my hubby if we could keep her and at first he said no, but I finally convinced him ;-)  We now have 3 kids and 4 dogs. A little off balance,  but.....we have 2 girl dogs and 2 boy dogs, so i guess that makes it a little better.  Well, that's what I tell myself. hahaha

And now, to introduce our little baby, Dory (to go along with Nemo our chihuahua) :)

a little blurry, but you can still see what a cutie she is!

My friend, Sarah, also kept one of the puppies. They named her Zoey and she's a cutie patootie too! We said we've got to set up some play dates to keep the sisters together.  I can't wait!



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