Thursday, April 15, 2010

Is it a vodka Friday tomorrow?

A few posts back I had mentioned "vodka Fridays" and promised to explain it later on. As I sit here finally relaxing after a long day of cooking, cleaning and preparing for one of my best friend's bday tomorrow, I figured now is as good a time as any.

Vodka Friday's came about quite some time ago when I would work from home on Fridays and my friends would come over for some fun in the sun by my pool. After I was finished with all my work, we would go outside and layout and drink vodka and tonic drinks. Hence the name: Vodka Fridays. This continued for pretty much every Friday until I was told we could no longer work from home :(

Now that I am no longer working, vodka Friday's have started up again (usually when the weather gets warmer). We've only had one so far because of scheduling conflicts, but we are back on tomorrow! My best friends bday happens to land on a Friday, so what better way to celebrate? This Friday however, we will have a brunch for her since her hubby has plans Friday night. So, in lieu of vodka, we will have Mimosas!

I've spent the whole day preparing for her brunch. Cleaning, cooking, and baking. I really hope it doesn't rain (there is a 30% chance). More importantly, I really hope she enjoys herself.

I also wanted to share a recipe from Food Network that I tried today. It's for a mini quiche. Specifically a Mini Mushroom and Sausage quiche. Please see below for the link to the recipe. I did tweak the recipe some by adding bacon, caramelized onions and shredded colby jack cheese in addition to the mushrooms and sausage. Also, I added a tiny bit of salt and pepper to the egg mixture for flavor. I had to prepare all the ingredients separately because the bday girl does not like mushrooms. So I made a special batch for her.

Of course, I had try one to make sure they were edible. WOWSA! They were awesome!

Some of the reviews had said that the mixture was too runny or juicy, but that if you made them the day before, refrigerated them and reheated them the next day they are much better. That's why I made them today. If they are better than they were today, then my guests are going to LOVE me! :) I will let y'all know!



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