Sunday, April 18, 2010

My very first blog award!

Thanks to Free2bMommy I received my very first blog award! I can't tell you how excited I was to get this. It's awesomely awesome!  She is one of my fav blogs to read because I love that she is brutally honest with stuff. No sugarcoating anything.

With that said, now I have to write ten random things about myself and share them with 10 of my fav blogs. Here we go:

1. I can't go a day without cheese
2. I wish I could sing well and be famous
3. I would love to open a shelter for dogs
4. I am half Mexican and half Costa Rican
5. If I let my hair grow out, I would probably be mostly gray (yikes!)
6. Our wedding song was "Could I Have This Dance?" by Anne Murray...yes, from Urban Cowboy :)
7. I have a deadly fear of roaches
8. I have a mild case of ADD and OCD
9. I can't touch unfinished wood (such as a popsicle stick) without wetting it first
10. I hate dirty fingernails and toenails

Well there you have it. My 10 random (and weird) things about me.  I hope I didn't scare you off! lol

I gladly pass this on to the following blogs:



  1. YAY!!! You will have to stay away from "Bean" if you dont like dirty nails and toes, because I cannot seem to keep them clean!!


  2. i will make an exception for my little bean! he's just so cute, i can forgive him! ;-)