Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Key To My Heart

Shanalogic is by far one of my favorite trendy, punk, indie type shops.  I love the fact that the store supports small indie businesses.

I have to share my new favorite item:

I have my heart set on you ;-)

I've always said I love love. In fact, I call my husband "Love".  I am the biggest believer in forever love, romantic fairy tales and happily ever after.  SO...anything that has to do with a heart or love,  I.....yep, you guessed it....LOVE!

In addition to loving love, I think supporting small businesses is fantastic. Being a small business owner may have something to do with that :)

I'm hoping to buy this soon and take a pic so you can see me with it on! (hint, hint, Love) (I guess I should tell you my hubs follows my blog)  ;-)

Here's the link to the item if you're interested in purchasing it for yourself:

Shanalogic Punk Heart Padlock Choker by Marty Flint



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