Friday, March 5, 2010

New beginnings

I say new beginnings because my son (who just turned 18 yesterday) will be going off to college in August.  These will be new beginnings for the both of us. He's not your traditional 18 year old. He's an old soul in a teens body.  Funny thing is he realizes and accepts it.  He doesn't have his driver's license yet and is in really no hurry to get it. He rarely goes out. I've told my friends he reminds me of the kid on "Sixteen Candles" where the parents try and force him to go to the dance and he runs out saying "but I just want to be with you guys!".  How times have changed from my days. I couldn't wait to get out of the house to party with my friends.  It's actually comforting knowing that he's safe though.

I've decided to start this blog because of the simple fact that he is leaving and I will need something to take my mind off the fact that he won't be here :)  Besides that, I love to share my ideas for fashion, parties and crafts!

I will also be doing testing and reporting on trendy, stylish and budget friendly products that you may be interested in.  Look out for them!

This is my son. Isn't he handsome? Everyone says he looks like Joe Jonas and he HATES that! I laugh every time!



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