Thursday, March 11, 2010

Traveling and scammers...BEWARE!

The thought of a mini vacay excited me when my friend mentioned they were going to San Antonio, Texas for the weekend. She invited us along, so I agreed (without talking to the hubby....whoops!).  We thought we would be able to get this special deal through a friend of ours, but it fell through.

We started searching for vacation rentals near the area because the hotels on the river walk during spring break were outrageous! Being the Craigslist enthusiast that I am, I found an amazing deal! 3 bedroom, 3 bath, private apartment for $150 a night. AWESOME right? That's what I thought. We got all excited when we found out the place was actually available (that should have been the first red flag).  I asked the lady (all through email) how much the deposit was and how to pay it. She responded by sending me the contract and a picture of her Texas drivers license. I thought, ok, she's trying to seem legit (2nd flag should have gone up here).  As I'm reading through the email she asked for the deposit to be wired via Western Union (FINALLY, the flag went up!).

Now it was time for some detective work....internet search for Dea Lazo (yes, I'm calling her out like that). Well, well, well, some interesting finds after googling her name.  I found a forum where a lot of people claimed they were scammed by this lady. Some for over $300! I thank God I had the sense enough to check this out before booking with her.  I am outraged at these people trying to take advantage of someone who is trying to take a vacation to RELAX! I sent her a nasty little email after receiving one from her saying she was waiting on me to book.  Thanks for letting me rant! On to better things....

This is what I will be doing this weekend....

and what I will be drinking...

and who will be with me: me on the left and Grace

my hubby on the left and Tino (Grace's hubby)

ah...the life!



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