Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Grocery shopping and my never ending Chinese food obsession

Today was supposed to be a "light" grocery shopping day. Note: do NOT, I repeat, do NOT, take your teenage son with you to the grocery store. A simple grocery list turns into more money spent at the end of the trip. UGH!

While adding more to my cart for my son, I thought I might as well try and cook my own Chinese food at home with all the take-out I've been doing lately. It may save myself some money in the end. Browsing the frozen section and looking through my coupon (an absolute must in my household), I noticed that I had a coupon for Wanchai Ferry frozen dinners. They also happen to be on sale, so I bought 2 of the sweet and spicy shrimp. Right next to that was Chung's frozen shrimp egg rolls. How could I pass this up? I've been craving egg rolls and they were on sale. I was hoping between the two, it would be a match made in heaven.

I finally got everything cooked. The Wanchai Ferry was decent. The sauce was a bit too sweet for my taste. The Chung's egg rolls......WOWSA! That's it in a nutshell. Great flavor, great sauce and didn't take long at all to cook. They now have a customer for life! I highly recommend these. I'm not sure about the other flavors because I am a pescetarian. If they are half as good as the shrimp, then they are delish!

Do not leave these little gems off your grocery list!



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