Friday, October 1, 2010

Surgery Recovery

Hi everyone!

The good news is that my surgery is over and done with and that I'm back at home. Everything went great. My scar isn't as gruesome as you would think (although, I could still pull off being the Bride of Frankenstein for Halloween) ;)

I have been in some pain but luckily I have pain meds for whenever I need them.  Now we play the waiting game. I get the results some time next week.  Apparently, they mass on my thyroid was HUGE and they needed to send it to the lab to test whether it was cancerous or not.  What they do from there, I'm not too sure.  I guess I'll wait and see.

I'm still kind of slow getting up and around so there will still be no Etsy updates until I feel better. It's upsetting because I have so much more to post!  Not only that, but I'm ready to go thrifting NOW! :)

I get tired easily, so off to rest I go....Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers!

Love to everyone!



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