Friday, October 8, 2010

Cover that thing up

Since having my thyroid surgery last week I've been avoiding going out because of the HUGE scar on my neck. Luckily it's cooled down a bit here in Houston and that only means one thing...scarfs!

Hoorah! Just in time for me to make an outing (my girlfriends bday is this weekend).  I wouldn't dare go out with my neck exposed and gross everyone out. If you saw it, you'd agree :)

I have TONS of scarfs but I think it's time to do the "out with the old, in with the new" bit.  I've been perusing Etsy sellers and I found some beauties!

How does one make a decision?

Vintage Paisley Silk Scarf 1970 - Maroon, Teal, Blue and Pink Sash
        via Flossys Treasures

Anyone who knows me, knows I love vintage paisley

Vintage 50s delicate celebration or wedding RENAISSANCE style PERIDOT GREEN extra large airy LACE scarf or WRAP with SCALLOPED edges
       via Beta Accessories

    I adore this one. Exquisite!

Gilded Vintage Shell Scarf Clasp
    via Vintage Repeats

You can't have scarfs without a scarf clasp...vintage at that!

Psychedelic True Vintage Black and White Scarf
      via Hey Paper Doll

This is my fav. This may be sold before you even get a chance to read this post!

There are so many more on Etsy....I'm leaving this post to continue to browse.

Have a Fabulous Friday, lovelies!



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