Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm seeing RED

Red lips that is! Now that fall and the cooler weather are here, I'm ready to bust out the various shades of red lipsticks I have and wear them around town. I usually live for the weekends because those are the days I can get dressed up. As much as I love staying home and running my Etsy shop, I do enjoy going out on the town with my husband.  I am usually fair skinned and can pull of the the red lips. However, I'm hoping the tan from the awesome summer I had, fades...and FAST :)

Not the greatest pic, but the red lips aren't too shabby, right? :D

About to go out...ugh, I need a new hairstyle, but I'm lovin the lips

NOW THIS is what I wish my lips looked like:

Of course, who DOESN'T want to look like the FAB Dita

or Marilyn...she's GORG and so sexy!

Well, I'll have to start taking more pics of myself with my shades of red and see which one you all like the best. That may have to be my first poll! 

Have a great day lovelies!



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