Thursday, October 28, 2010

What a week!

I'm SO sorry that I've been MIA. Halloween is a CRAZY time for me. My friends and I throw a huge bash and go all out on our costumes. I have been in the process of thrifting, painting, and sewing my husbands and mine.  We are going as the same thing. That is as much as I can say right now.

Every year we do this, it's top secret. Our friends try to trick us into telling them what we are but we're stronger than that! lol  So, my lovelies, I'm afraid you'll have to wait until Monday to see our costumes because some of my friends read my blog.

In the meantime, head over to Blue Butterfly Vintage to check out her giveaways! She has some really sweet ones. I'm not saying that just because I'm sponsoring one either ;)

On her blog, she has a "25 Days of Giveaways 2010" which is so freaking awesome ! Stop by, check them out, enter and show her some ♥!  Not only are the giveaways great, she's got a FAB blog too! Remember, don't be stingy, share with your friends ;)

Have a great day loves!



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