Friday, August 26, 2011

Feature Friday - Velvet and Shag

It's inevitable...everytime I list something, I find something I want to buy :)   I love vintage clothing. However, since I can't always find things to fit me (I'm a plus sized gal), I love to shop vintage home decor.  We recently moved into a house built in the 50's and there are some rooms with poor lighting. I found this amazing Mid Century lamp that I'm currently drooling over. It would go great in my bedroom.  I found it in this cute little shop called Velvet and Shag.  She specializes in  "mid century period pieces that lend a nod to the "Mad Men" aesthetic".

Check out the lamp I found

Mid Century Lamp

So, I showed it to my hubby (so maybe he would surprise me and buy it...yeah, right!) and do you know what he says???? I love the owl! Typical man....lost focus on the main point. hahaha.  Although, the owl is a little cutie too.

Go check out her shop. Obviously, she has some pretty cool stuff! Here's the link to her website which has links to all her stores, FB, Twitter, Tumblr and her blog!



  1. what a cute little owl :)