Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Ultimate Vintage Dream Boat

When I was younger, I had a HUGE crush on Elvis. A few of my favorite movies were Elvis movies:

1. Viva Las Vegas
2. Paradise Hawaiian Style
3. Tickle Me (This is my fav)

While writing this post, I am watching #3 on youtube :)  If you've never watched an Elvis movie, I suggest you do so right NOW! He was sooooooooo handsome.  I remember drooling over that perfect face many times. I had tons of posters in my room (along with Billy Idol, but that's another post). I also loved his music. Watching this movie right now is making me think I need to create a new playlist on my Iphone after the movie is over.

I will leave you with some of those perfect pictures to send you off to dream land. I've got to get back to my movie :) My hubby is out of town, so I'll have to dream about Elvis tonight! lol

Can you say HOT!???

Love that smile!

P.S. I know what I want for Christmas this year....Elvis movies!!!



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