Sunday, September 26, 2010

My overindulgent Sunday

As the countdown to doomsday begins (will explain in a minute), I've decide to eat, drink and be merry tomorrow. I will not feel guilty for anything I do, say or eat.  It's the biggest game of the season (Texans vs. Cowgirls...ahem, I mean Cowboys) and we are hosting the game viewing/bday party for my daughter tomorrow.  We are having beer, wings, buffalo shrimp, beer, cake, oh and did I mention beer? There will be plenty of beer pong going on as well! I have a strategy....I will LOSE so I can drink more!

All kidding aside, I've decided to overindulge myself because I am having surgery on Wednesday. Specifically, I am having my thyroid removed. Well, the other half, since I've already had the left half removed years ago.

This has been an ongoing pain in my ass since the birth of my son...18 years ago. Long story short, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and put on meds (which have never helped me at all) and then a partial thyroidectomy.  Ever since then, I've struggled with my weight, constant fatigue, small bouts of depression, MAJOR memory problems just to name a few.  A few years ago my primary care doc noticed another goiter on the side. I was like seriously? WTF? Can't things just get back to normal. I'm sick of being sick. So here we go again....more biopsies which means more needles stuck in my neck and the anxiety of waiting on the results while we pray that it's not cancerous.  Turns out everything was ok (according to them, because I still felt like crapola!) Oh, and if you don't know what your thyroid is or what it does, check it out here: Function of the Thyroid  Ok sorry, so it wasn't such a short story ;)

Fast forward to present day and I have a HUGE lump in my neck. It's so big it has it's own heartbeat, zip code,  etc.....I feel like I have a second head, that's how big it is. Tired of people always asking me what's wrong with my neck in addition to the times I catch myself swallowing and feeling it obstructing my airway, I felt it was time to ditch this puppy. I went back to the doctor, voiced my concerns and she said "Wow, let's take that sucker out!" Of course, I had and still have major concerns:

1. I will definitely need to be on hormone replacements for the rest of my life
2. A fear of gaining even more weight (I've read tons of posts where people have had the same thing done     and they gain tremendous amounts of weight) (my doc claims she'll get the meds right and that won't happen. Please pray for me)
3. Another scar (of course, this could work to my advantage for Halloween...I could be the bride of Frankenstein)
4. Being laid up in bed for weeks. I remember my first removal. It was not pretty. I couldn't move because I felt the incision would open.
5. Will I ever be normal again?
6. Last but not least...the PAIN! I remember it being pretty painful. It's right up there with giving birth.

So, you see my concern and the need to rock and roll and party every day until Wednesday?

All this being said, I may not be able to post for a while. I know, I just started posting regularly again. I'm sorry, I suck!  I'm hoping I can get through the pain and prop myself up and be a blogging diva! The only thing I won't be able to do is thrift and list my Etsy items....that makes me sad. The vintage lovers out there will have to wait a few weeks for my newest items.

Well, chick-a-dees, wish me luck, pray for me or send good vibes...whatever you believe in. I welcome it all. Until next your little hearts out! I know I will be.



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