Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall Fashion

Fall is officially here. We all know what that means...BOOTS! I love summer but I love boots more :)
As you all know from reading my posts, my husband says that if I intend on buying new shoes, I should get rid of a pair. I know, ridiculous right? However, my boots do take up a lot of space in my closet and I did find 1 pair that I'm willing to let go. With that in mind, I've started a search for some "new" vintage boots! Look at what I found!

8 N womens pirate boots burgundy brown calf high heels slouch maroon
from Vintage Leather Boots
on Etsy

vtg 80's high heel boots size 6 contempo casual

from Boutique 
on Etsy

Black Fringe and Buckle Ankle Boots Size 7.5

Rotten Apples Vintage
on Etsy

vintage leather boots 7.5

from Liria's Shop
on Etsy

Vintage leather suede knee high heel boots womens 6 M B camel tan granny

from Moi Vintage
on Etsy

Beautiful, aren't they? I can't decide....well, actually the second and last one aren't my size so those are out. I just thought they were so cute!  I'm leaning towards the maroon pirate boots and the black fringe boots.  Hmmmm, I may have to break out the piggy bank and get both. What do y'all think????



  1. the first ones are gorg!
    No one will have them!
    Im sticked up on boots and coats oh and dresses!
    I think I spent under $100 on fall/winter wardrobe this year, alll vintage :)

  2. Vanessa, I am totally leaning towards the first. I absolutely love them! $100 for you wardrobe so far is RIDICULOUS! great buys, i'm sure!