Sunday, January 29, 2012

WIW - Baby Shower Edition

UPDATE: Just added photo of crochet heart from the baby shower. Thought you'd like to see it.

Hello lovelies!

Yesterday was dedicated to prepping for one of my bestie's daughter's baby shower.

I spent time making little crocheted hearts to adorn the clothespins for one of the games. They turned out cute and we used them to play the "don't say the word BABY" game. At the end, everyone got to take one home as a little souvenir.  Here they are. What do you think?

I got the idea from Cornflower Blue Studio's blog. The tutorial was super simple and didn't take long at all to make them. I love to add a handmade touch to stuff :)

Ok, crafting aside, I did have to get dressed. This is what I wore. It was simple, nothing fancy, but the pink added that much needed pop of color!

Black cuff is Ellen Tracy
Earring are vintage from an estate sale
Necklace is from Macy's
Belt is ? (sorry, I forgot)

Blouse is by Paper Tee
Undershirt is from Ross
Jeans are by Old Navy

Boots are NICOLE brand from Ross. A great STEAL at $7 on clearance!

Vintage bracelets
Buckle one was thrifted
Cuff was a gift from my mom. It's from Peru and was gifted to her in the 70's

Well, there you have it.  I hope you enjoyed it!




  1. Love your boots and those bracelets are fun too! You look great!! Do post crafty pics next time. I love crafts

  2. The blog looks really nice too! Did you do your header?

  3. Thanks! I actually got a pic of the pins. I'm going to re-post it now. I did make my own header. Had a devil of a time but finally figured out to do it in Power Point to make it easy :)