Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Finally done!

Sorry, I've been MIA lately, but as I explained before, I knew I wouldn't be posting for a couple of weeks....

Well, my son did it! He graduated from HS!!!! The ceremony was interesting....it was at an OUTDOORS venue for concerts. 

Let me tell you...it was HOT! Even though it was at 7:30 at night, it was still blistering out there. While waiting for the graduates to come out, I heard the lady behind us discussing an earlier graduation that took place at 2:00 pm. She said that she heard that 5 people had passed out from heat exhaustion! I wonder what the administrators of my son's school district were thinking when they booked that facility! I just hope those people were ok.  

The other thing I was upset about was that not only was it so late at night, it was on a Sunday! We weren't able to go out to eat at a decent restaurant to celebrate because everything was closed. We did find some little Tex Mex place that was just ok.

The following weekend after his graduation we had a party for him and it was a huge success thanks to all my family and friends!  My son had a great time and I hope my guests did too.  I was exhausted from prepping for 2 days for this party. I wasn't really feeling like myself and couldn't enjoy the party too much. On top of that, I got some bad news about my aunt in Costa Rica and it just made me sick to my stomach, so I just went to my room and went to sleep.  

Apparently, the party continued on to 2:30 am! lol  I'm glad that even though I wasn't able to, our guests had fun!

Well, now that it's over I can focus on my blog, my etsy store and everything else :)

It's good to be back!



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