Monday, June 18, 2012

Pretty Little Things Summer Edition

Every few months or so, my cousin, Vanessa, from Height of Vintage and I put together the Pretty Little Things pop up shop. We absolutely love putting this together.  The last 2 times it was hosted by Boheme Cafe and Bar.  If you're ever in the Houston area, I recommend you stop by. It's a great atmosphere, the people are super friendly and best of all....the frozen mojitos are BOSS! (as my son would say)

The event was great. I alway enjoy meeting new local vintage sellers. It's nice to see so many others with the same passion as I have.

I hope you enjoy the photos! A big thank you to Manson from A Kiss of Romance for the photos. I forgot my camera that day!

Pretty Little Things!
My vintage partner in crime....Vanessa from Height of Vintage and myself

We had all sorts of goodies. This is Amanda from Amanda's Naturals

Have you ever seen so many goodies in one place?

A Kiss of Romance's wonderful selection of vintage

Just finished setting up and ready for the crowds

Great friends and family that come out to support PLT!

The amazingly talented, Jessica! I love this chic!



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  2. Hi John! Thanks so much for stopping by my lil ol blog! I am now following yours. I love your idea for using that drop leaf table as the background for your items! Keep up the good work!